Billing & Insurance Options

“Benefit coverage is a contract between you, your employer and your insurance company”.

Sending each insurance claim electronically:
After each procedure we will be sending insurance claims electronically to ensure a more relaxing visit. However, please note that some insurance policies do not allow such
service. Therefore, a manual claim will be submitted.

Allowing assignment:
After the claim is sent electronically, any insurance payments will be directed to the office.
However, please note that not all insurance companies allow this service. Therefore,
patients with insurance coverage that do not allow assignment are expected to make payments in full to the office as the insurance reimbursement will be directed to them.

Remaining patient balances:
It is the patient’s full responsibility to cover remaining amounts that have not been
covered by their insurance policy (i.e. difference in fee guides, coverage less than 100% etc.)

Retrieving insurance coverage information:
We do our best to retrieve most information about your dental coverage; however, most
insurance companies have a strict privacy policy, which does not allow dental offices to
obtain such information. Therefore, it becomes the patient’s responsibility to obtain
coverage information and to inform the office in order to ensure that we are staying
within dental benefits.

Note: We deal with all insurance companies, below are a list of some of the ones , please ask us if we cover your insurance

Aetna Canada
Alberta Blue Cross
Alberta School Employees Benefit Plan
Automated Administration Service Inc.
Benecaid Health Benefit Solution
Benefit Plan Adminitration Limited
Blue Cross
Boilermakers’ National Benefit Funds (Canada)
Canada Life Assurance
Children’s Aid (York Region)
Co-Operators Assurance Co.
Cowan Wright Beauchamps
Cumba Insurance
Desjardins Financial Security ESI Canada
Empire Life Insurance Company
Employee Benefits Plan Services
Equitable Life Insurance Company
Global Benefit Plan Consultants Inc.
Great West Life Assurance Company
Group Medical Services
Imperial Life Financial
Industrial Alliance Pacific Life Insurance Company
Johnson Insurance
Johnston Group
Jones Deslauriers Insurance
Liberty Health
Local 183 Benefit Plan Administrators Ltd.
Local 1891
Local 27 Carpenters
Local 46 Union
Manion, Wilkins & Associates Ltd
Manitoba Blue Cross
Manulife Financial
Maple Star Services INC.
Maritime Life Assurance Company
MDM Insurance Services Inc.
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
National Life Assurance Company
No Frills/ UFCW Local 1000A
Ontario Iron Worker
Ontario Works Dental Claims
Pacific Blue Cross
Prudential Life Insurance Company
Royal Bank of Canada Insurance
SSQ Life Insurance Co. Inc
Standard Life
Sun Life Assurance Company
The Benefits Trust